Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo 210 Spring 2011

Basic Course Information:
54 hrs lecture
This course is designed to prepare students for starting and operating a photography business. The course introduces students to current industry business practices and local regulations for starting and operating a photography business. Topics include necessary operating permits and licenses, studio locations vs. working from home, business plan development, insurance options, taxes, pricing services, renting equipment, and negotiating photography fees. The student will also develop and prepare a three year photography business plan as a final project.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Identify the requirements of running a photographic business specific to the students field of photography.
Operate a basic photography business.
Demonstrate knowledge of effective pricing procedures.
Obtain and complete appropriate permits and licenses associated with students type of business operation.
Display a general understanding of Federal, State and Local taxes associated with a photography business.
Use licensing language for estimating and invoicing
Calculate business operating overhead and establish appropriate markups for clients.
Identify the benefits and challenges of being employed or self employed in the industry.
Identify industry organizations with business support resources appropriate for the students field of photography.

Course Topics:

Photography business overview
Pricing your photography and using markups
Licenses and Permits
Estimating and invoicing
Services, rights licensed and licensing language
Taxes and other operating expenses
Insurance and liability issues
Midterm exam and students project evaluations working with professional business associations
Locations for photography studios
Home based photography studios
Guest speakers
Where to buy, rent and locate equipment and supplies
Computer business software
Advanced business plan for photography
Presentation of Business plan.


Best Business Practices for Photographers. Course Technology PTR (ISBN:1598633155) John Harrington 2006