Monday, March 17, 2008

Policy Sheet

Im in Vegas at WPPI, but here is the policy sheet that we discussed last week in class. Enjoy the rest of your holiday...

Mother Lode Photography PO Box 385, Diamond Springs, Ca.
530 409 7733
Portrait orders:
1. Since your portraits are a custom product, an additional deposit of 50% of your total order is required when your order is placed.
Your custom portraits will be completed within 4 to 6 weeks. All orders must be paid in full before any photographs are delivered. We do not guarantee a delivery date.
All orders are to be paid in full and picked up within 30 days of notification. After 30 days they will be shipped COD w/$15.00 additional fee, if refused, they will be turned over for collection.
Visa and Mastercard are accepted for both deposits and final payments. Checks are accepted with a valid drivers license.
Due to the custom nature of our product, there are absolutely no refunds.
Although we handle all of our files most carefully, we do not accept any liability for lost or misplaced files after your initial order is placed. After initial order, we only keep files of poses previously ordered.
On “Hold for Deposit” orders, there is a $25.00 restocking fee if an order is canceled.
Customer Signature______________________________

All digital files, negatives and original prints are the exclusive property of “Motherlode Photography.” It is understood that it is in violation of Federal Copyright Law, 17U.S.C. section 102, to copy, scan or reproduce and distribute digital files, negatives and/or photographs.
These photographs are for Limited Distribution only.
MotherLode Photography retains all copyrights and the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute digital files, negatives and/or photographs.
MotherLode Photography is proud of the custom product we have created for you through our experience, creativity and professionalism. It is understood that these portraits are for personal use, for friends and family. They are not intended to be published, without written permission of MotherLode Photography. We will protect our image and reputation at all costs to prevent inferior quality reproductions.

Customer Signature______________________________

Model Release:
For valuable consideration, I give my consent to MotherLode Photography and Studio Staff to use my portraits for display, web page, advertising or promotions if they are so selected.

Customer Signature______________________________

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Assignment for Feb 27 Blog Page

This weeks assignment is a pretty easy one. Create a blog page for your photography. You will need to download Google Blogger. It is easy and just follow directions. Upload some of your images, you can load up to 4 images. This is the easiest way of creating a web presence.
We will be going over these in class on Wed. Dont be left out. To get an idea of what they can look like, go to my blog at:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feb 6th assignment

For next week: Read Chapter One. Be ready to discuss it. Have fun.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Course Information Photo 210

Photo 210
Spring 08

Course Name: Photography Business

Course Number: Photo 210

Instructor’s Name: Bob Calkins

Office Telephone: 558 2429

Office Location & Hours: None

Prerequisites: None

Course objectives: 1: Analyze the photographic market and determine the type of clientele that they want to market to.
2: Develop a marketing plan targeted at their chosen clientele.
3: Demonstrate knowledge of effective sale procedures.
4: Set up an effective business plan that will project possible business expenses.
5: Weigh the benefits and challenges of being self-employed.
6: Become familiar with the day-to-day operations of the photographic business.
7: Become familiar with technology in the photographic business (digital vs. film).

How to make an appointment with instructor: In person, email.

Name of Dean of Technology Division:

Evaluation procedures: Attendance, Quizzes, Finished Business Plan.

Instructor attendance policy: Weekly attendance is taken.

Grade standards for A_Complete Business Plan Professionally finished
B 80% completed
C 70% completed
D 60% completed
F 50% or less completed

Textbook: How To Start A Home Base Photography Business: Ken Oberrecht

Unacceptable behavior _Attached Policy Sheet

Class Syilibus Photo 210

Photo 210:
Photography Business:

Requirements for class:
Access to Computer & printer
Microsoft Word (or equivalent)
Microsoft Publisher (or equivalent)

Students will be required to create:
Price lists,
Product lines,
A Business plan. With all required information. Start up costs, equipment lists, Mission statement, projection of monies. Products and services, marketing strategy’s , advertising…sales strategy. In other words, open, on Paper, a studio…

Students will be required to:
Research advertising
Locations for studios,
Visit individually, a working studio.
Present the above items to class.

There will be 2 quizzes during the semester from the textbook.

Final: You will be required to create a business plan at the end of the semester.
You may download a template from the internet from such places as or simply Google Business Plan.

Field Trip:
The class will be visiting a working studio during the semester.

The text required for this class is:
How to Start A Home-Based Photography Business: Ken Oberrecht
This text is available from at the following link:

Office Hours: None
You can reach me at:

class blog: