Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are Shoot And Burn Weddings Profitable?

Just got this link off the DWF. It is from an Album Company, so, it is biased. However, I believe it to be fairly accurate.
Please take the time to read this and consider this...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jump Drives

Make sure to bring a Jump Drive to class today. 5/6/09

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wedding Questioner

MotherLode Photography

PO Box 385

Diamond Springs, Ca. 95619

530 409 7733

Wedding Date:__________________


Brides Name____________________________________________


Phone Home:__________Wk:__________Fax____________e-mail____________________

Grooms Name:__________________________________________


Phone: Home:_________Wk__________Fax____________e-mail____________________

Brides Parents:_____________________________________________________


Phone Home__________Wk__________Fax____________e-mail____________________

Grooms Parents____________________________________________________


Phone: Home__________Wk__________Fax___________e-mail_____________________

Bride & Grooms address after the wedding:




Name of location of ceremony_____________________________________________


Near the corners of_____________________________and ________________________

Reception Information

Reception location:______________________________________________________

Near the corners of ___________________________and____________________________

Reception Schedule

Reception begins: Time______________________

First Dance: Time______________________

Toast/cake cutting Time______________________

Bouquet and garter toss: Time______________________

Dancing Time______________________

Number of guests: Wedding_____________


Wedding Party

Name Relationship

Maid of Honor _________________________________________

Brides Maids _________________________________________




Flower Girl?________Age________ _________________________________________

Name Relationship

Best Man _________________________________________

Groom's Men _________________________________________




Ring Bearer?_______Age________ _________________________________________

Will you be having a receiving line? _________

If so, where? _________

Time: _________

Please fill out the below information, so that we know everyone who will be involved with your wedding. Just in case we need to contact them for any reason.

Dress Maker _________________________________phone________________

Florist _________________________________phone________________

Baker _________________________________phone________________

Caterer _________________________________phone________________

Tuxedos _________________________________phone________________

Musicians/DJ _________________________________phone________________

Coordinator _________________________________phone________________

Please list anyone else you feel we may need to contact for one reason or another:



Who's Who?


Brides family

Mothers name __________________________________

Grandparents name: __________________________________

Fathers name: __________________________________

Grandparents name: __________________________________

Brothers & sisters names __________________________________

Bro/Sisters spouse's __________________________________

Very close friends __________________________________


Are there any divorces, deaths, etc. which we should know about so as not to embarrass anyone?__________________________________________________________________



Grooms family

Mothers name _________________________________

Grandparents name _________________________________

Fathers name _________________________________

Grandparents name _________________________________

Brothers/Sisters names _________________________________

Bro/Sisters spouses` _________________________________

Very close friends _________________________________


Are there any divorces, deaths, etc. which we should know about so as not to embarrass anyone?__________________________________________________________________


Almost Done

What time should we begin taking photographs (approx 1 hr prior to wedding)___________

At what location_____________________________________________________________

Please draw a map on the back of this form to any of the locations you think we need to have.


If you have any special requests or ideas: please let us know here. It is our aim to create wedding photographs that you will treasure forever, and if you have some favorite ideas, etc.. please write them down so that your photographer will know what you would like. Be sure to include any special people who will be at your wedding but not directly involved in it's production.


PLEASE MAIL THIS FORM TO THE STUDIO (PO BOX 385 Diamond Springs, Ca 95619) or



Wedding Contract

Wedding Agreement

Agreement for Wedding Photography

This agreement entered into on __________________is between Mother Lode Photography in the State of California and doing business as Mother Lode Photography (hereinafter “Mother Lode”) and the undersigned (hereinafter “Client”) related to the wedding of

__________________________and___________________________ that will take place at

__________________________ on ____________________________.

Service Coverage

The parties agree that Mother Lode will furnish the services of a professional photographer, Bob Calkins, or their agents, for photographic event coverage beginning at ________________until the time, designated by the selected coverage, whichever is less. Additional hours will be billed at $100 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments of $25. Mother Lode will be the sole professional still photographer employed for the wedding day. Simultaneous photographic coverage by another professional photographer (excluding video) releases Mother Lode from this agreement and immediately terminates service coverage.

Payment Policy & Expenses

A retainer fee of $_________ is paid to reserve event coverage for the service coverage specified above. A remaining fee of $__________plus any applicable sales taxes, will be paid by the client up to 2 weeks prior to the wedding, plus reimbursement (only if applicable) air fare, hotel and transfer expenses incurred by Mother Lode in performing the photographic duties expressed herein. All fees are non-refundable. The $______deposit fee will be applied toward purchase of products. Non-payment of any fees and/or reimbursements as described above releases Mother Lode from any and all obligations defined in this agreement.

Mother Lode Wedding Agreement _______Initial

Product Pricing

The chosen package is known as the _____________________coverage and includes

Quality Standard, Final Prints

All album print products will be color corrected by our employees on our own equipment. Our quality standard target is measured by five guidelines:

  1. Highlight details are visible
  2. Shadow details are visible
  3. Whites are clean with no overall color cast
  4. The image has no overall color bias (this does not apply to color balance for lighting conditions)
  5. Flesh tones are believable.

Because lighting conditions and movement provide constant challenges, we cannot guarantee the quality of any image.

Limitation of Liability

While every reasonable effort will be made to produce and deliver outstanding photographs of the wedding events, Mother Lodes entire liability to Client for any claim, loss or injury arising from Bob Calkins’, or their agents is limited to refund to Client of fees paid. Because this is an uncontrolled event, Mother Lode cannot guarantee delivery of any specifically requested image(s). In the unlikely event of personal illness or other circumstances beyond the control of Bob Calkins, a substitute photographer of high qualifications may be dispatched by Mother Lode to fulfill the obligations of photography herein contracted.

Review and Selection

Original images of the wedding are the property of Mother Lode Photography. Images will be presented to the client for viewing usually within 3 weeks of the event. These images are protected by Federal Copyright Laws (see below).

Mother Lode Wedding Agreement ________Initial

Album Orders

Using proprietary computerized design software, Mother Lode will propose and advise in the layout of album(s), however, all choices by the Client prevail. Album orders will include choice of photographs selected (with special instructions, if any) and these decisions are made following inspection of images. A total of 2 in studio album design

Sessions are included with the retainer fee. Additional album design sessions are billed at additional computer design fees. Any additional album design fee will be billed at $350 per session.


Following notification of completion of order, unpaid balances will be subject to a 1.5% monthly service charge. We are not responsible for albums left unclaimed after 30 days. Shipment of Mother Lodes hand-assembled albums is ordinarily made within 3-4 months after receipt of the order.

Federal Copyright Laws

Mother Lode Photography owns all copyrights for any and all images produced in connection with this agreement, including the exclusive right to reproduce or publicly display such images

Ownership of Images

Any reproduction of any image produced in connection with this agreement is prohibited without specific written consent of Mother Lode. The parties agree that Mother Lode may reproduce, publish or exhibit a judicious selection of such photographs as samples of photographic work to be shown to prospective clients and for instructional or institutional purposes consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgment. Clients agree to hold Mother Lode harmless against any and all claims arising from any published images.

Credit Card Authorization

I hereby authorize Mother Lode Photography to use the following credit card number when placing deposits or orders authorized by them. Mother Lode Photography will refer to this agreement as “signature on file” .

Card Number_______-________-________-________ Exp Date___________/__________ (MM/DD)

Mother Lode Wedding Agreement Initial_________

There are a total of 4 pages to this agreement. Please initial each page. This is the agreement in full and cannot be amended by any party. This agreement is made, and, in all respects, is to be construed under the laws of the State of California and of the United States. The parties agree that any dispute under this agreement will be

Adjudicated in a State of California court located in Placerville, Ca and expressly agree to personal jurisdiction of such court.

X__________________________________________________(Client) Facsimile signature deemed to be original.


City____________________________________, State_________ Zip Code________________

Home Phone: Area Code________ ________________________________

Work Phone: Area Code________ ________________________________

Cell Phone: Area Code________ _________________________________

Email address

X_____________________________________________(Representing Mother Lode Photography)

Mother Lode Wedding Agreement Initial ___________

Monday, January 19, 2009

Course Information and Sylibus Photo 372 Spring 09

Course Information Photo 210

Photo 210
Spring 09

Course Name: Photography Business

Course Number: Photo 210

Instructor’s Name: Bob Calkins

Office Telephone: 530 409 7733

Office Location & Hours: None

Prerequisites: None

Course objectives: 1: Analyze the photographic market and determine the type of clientele that they want to market to.
2: Develop a marketing plan targeted at their chosen clientele.
3: Demonstrate knowledge of effective sale procedures.
4: Set up an effective business plan that will project possible business expenses.
5: Weigh the benefits and challenges of being self-employed.
6: Become familiar with the day-to-day operations of the photographic business.
7: Become familiar with technology in the photographic business (digital vs. film). 

How to make an appointment with instructor: In person, email.

Name of Dean of Technology Division: Danetta Webb

Evaluation procedures: Attendance, Quizzes, Finished Business Plan.

Instructor attendance policy: Weekly attendance is taken.

Grade standards for A_Complete Business Plan Professionally finished
B 80% completed
C 70% completed
D 60% completed
F 50% or less completed

Textbook: How To Start A Home Base Photography Business: Ken Oberrecht

Unacceptable behavior _Attached Policy Sheet

Class Syilibus Photo 210

Photo 210:
Photography Business:

Requirements for class:
Access to Computer & printer
Microsoft Word (or equivalent)
Microsoft Publisher (or equivalent)

Students will be required to create:
Price lists,
Product lines,
A Business plan. With all required information. Start up costs, equipment lists, Mission statement, projection of monies. Products and services, marketing strategy’s , advertising…sales strategy. In other words, open, on Paper, a studio…

Students will be required to:
Research advertising
Locations for studios,
Visit individually, a working studio.
Present the above items to class.

There will be 2 quizzes during the semester from the textbook.

Final: You will be required to create a business plan at the end of the semester.
You may download a template from the internet from such places as or simply Google Business Plan.

Field Trip:
The class will be visiting a working studio during the semester.

The text required for this class is:
How to Start A Home-Based Photography Business: Ken Oberrecht
This text is available from at the following link:

Office Hours: None
You can reach me at:

class blog: