Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photo 210 Course Information

Course Information Photo 210

Photo 210
Spring 2010

Course Name: Photography Business

Course Number: Photo 210 #14807 Wed 2PM C108

Instructor’s Name: Bob Calkins

Office Telephone: 530 409 7733

Office Location & Hours: None

Prerequisites: None

Course objectives: 1: Analyze the photographic market and determine the type of clientele that they want to market to.
2: Develop a Business plan targeted at their chosen clientele.
3: Demonstrate knowledge of effective sale procedures.
4: Set up an effective business plan that will project possible business expenses.
5: Weigh the benefits and challenges of being self-employed.
6: Become familiar with the day-to-day operations of the photographic business.
7: Become familiar with technology in the photographic business (digital vs. film).

8: Guest Lecturer’s

9: Field trips

How to make an appointment with instructor: In person, email.

Name of Dean of Technology Division: Donetta Webb

Evaluation procedures: Attendance, Quizzes, Finished Business Plan.

Instructor attendance policy: Weekly attendance is taken.

Grade standards for A_Complete Business Plan Professionally finished
B 80% completed
C 70% completed
D 60% completed
F 50% or less completed

Textbook: How To Start A Home Base Photography Business: Ken Oberrecht