Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo 210 Spring 2011 Photography Business

Photography Business:

Requirements for class:
Access to Computer & printer
Microsoft Word (or equivalent)
Microsoft Publisher (or equivalent)

Students will be required to create:
Price lists,
Product lines,
A Business plan. With all required information. Start up costs, equipment lists, Mission statement, projection of monies. Products and services, advertising…sales strategy. In other words, open, on Paper, a studio…

Students will be required to:
Research advertising
Locations for studios,
Visit as a class, a working studio.
Present the above items to class.

There will be 2 quizzes during the semester from the textbook.

Final: You will be required to create a business plan at the end of the semester.
You may download a template from the internet from such places as
www.businessplan.com or simply Google Business Plan.

Field Trip:
The class will be visiting a working studio during the semester.

The text required for this class is:
Best Business Practices for Photographers/ John Harrington $34.95
This text is available from Amazon.com at the following link:

Office Hours: None
You can reach me at:

class blog: www.sccphoto210.blogspot.com